Make an Offer draft

What is a 'Make an Offer' product?

'Make an Offer' products are listings where the seller allows the customer to offer a new price for their product.


'Make an Offer' products will have a 'Make an Offer' button on the product page.


An email and text notification will be sent to you once your offer has been accepted or rejected. If your offer has been accepted, you may check out via by logging in to your Flip Customer account and clicking the 'Make an Offer' link on your account page. Here is where you are able to view all your offers.



Sellers can choose which products they want to make available for the 'Make an Offer' feature.

The seller will receive an email notification when an offer has been made for their product. Sellers can choose to accept or reject the offers from the 'Make an Offer Request' page by logging in to their Flip Seller account.

If an offer has been accepted, the seller will receive a text message from our Flip Operator for further details!