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AQF Boxing/MMA Headguard (Black)

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  • COndition 9/10
  • DURABILITY – AQF full face boxing headguard is designed for sparring in mind and to get you ready for war in the ring. It has been hand made from premium quality synthetic leather for durability, with advanced padding for impact resistance, protection and shock suppression.
  • COMFORT & FIT – It is lightweight and allows faster head movement. Features a non-slip, moisture wicking inner lining which combined with two-strap hook and loop fastening system provides a secure comfortable head guard fitting, keeps the boxing headgear in place with minimal distraction during sparring.
  • ADVANCED PADDING – The boxing gear has 3 layers of padding, EVA-GUARD on the outside absorbs the blunt of the impact and vibration. Middle layer of ZERO-IMPACT sheet further reduces the impact and kinetic energy while the innermost layer of SPUMEFLEX offers cushioning and conforms to the shape of the head.
  • FULL PROTECTION – The head guards boxing offers 360* protection, covers the forehead, cheeks, ears, chin and back of the head. Our complex padding will absorb the impact of each blow and the incredible forces generated, minimises the risk of cuts and bruises.
  • VISIBILTY – It is hard to defend against punches you can’t see. Even though it is a full face headguard boxing mens and covers all the areas, it still has a wide field of view, enables you to see all the punches coming your way.

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